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Many central banks have been forced to diversify their reserve holdings due to the low-yield environment, while at the same time increasing their trading activities to support their monetary policy operations. This has resulted in a need to reconsider technology provision with the aim of integrating market operations, treasury and risk within a single platform. With these challenges in mind, Calypso has emerged as a provider of choice, with its particular strength in cross-asset trading and risk management systems.

“Many of the software vendors we looked at had strong asset management and treasury solutions, but didn’t really understand central banking in the way Calypso did. “Calypso has delivered fit-for-purpose technology with reasonably easy implementation at a competitive cost.”

— Senior official at a Mid-sized Central Bank

Calypso, established in 1997, has developed cross-asset trading and risk management systems for banks, asset managers, insurance companies and corporates. Over the past decade, the firm has zeroed in on central banks, which now represent one of the fastest growing segments of its client base.

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Integrated suite of cross-asset trading and risk management solutions

Calypso is the leading provider of innovative cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for complex financial markets. We provide clients with a single platform that enables system consolidation, business innovation and growth at the enterprise level across trading, risk management, processing and accounting.


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