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Calypso University - The web-based training is accessible on a user-friendly platform.

Maximize Your Return on Calypso.

Calypso Training provides professional development and training for its clients and implementation partners. The training supports your organization’s success by providing blended learning that equips your team with the skills and knowledge to maximize the full value of your Calypso investment. The web-based training is accessible on a user-friendly eLearning platform providing online access to an extensive collection of short courses on Calypso features and functions.

Calypso Training benefits:

  • Access to short courses on specific features
  • Access to comprehensive ebooks on business cases, including configuration and major functionality
  • Skills and knowledge necessary to fully leverage the calypso solution
  • Faster, cost-effective skills development via eLearning platform

Calypso is committed to delivering world-class training for its clients and implementation partners.

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Hear from our employees

Calypso is a great place to work and offers opportunities to develop your skills. In Systems, we are actively engaged as a team in resolving user issues, improving and standardizing the IT infrastructure and, more importantly, learning. We have interesting projects lined up for the coming years which would benefit the end users and the company. I am grateful for the good environment, friendly colleagues and an inspirational manager who always wants us to learn and grow every day and improve our thought processing for the betterment as an individual and for the company.

Suresh Krishnamoorthy,
Systems Administrator, London

Calypso is a unique place where you just never stop learning. The diversity of financial products, solutions and technologies is so vast, that there is enough to keep you busy for a lifetime. I joined in 2002 as a fresh graduate and am now heading the Customer Support department. If you are motivated, results oriented and looking for opportunities to unleash your skills, Calypso is your next stop.

Denis Plisson,
Director, Product Support, Paris

Calypso is a great place to work. From San Francisco to Mumbai, and everywhere in between, I find my Calypso colleagues to be among the most talented and dedicated that I have had the opportunity to work with during my career. They consistently place the firm’s interests ahead of their own, and they are always willing to put in the extra effort. There is also a great spirit of camaraderie here. Most every project I work on is cross functional, and I am constantly impressed by the effort and collaborative approach that I see from my coworkers.

Chris Shayne CFA,
Communications Director, Marketing, San Francisco