Central Banking

Calypso – Middle East

Formidable Challenges.

Central Banks globally have taken center stage as monetary policy and open market operations play an increasingly significant role in maintaining system liquidity and stability. Balance sheets and reserves are larger than ever. Equity trading is new for many. Increased reserves and portfolios are placing unprecedented demands on investment management.

Increased diversity in market activity and trading volumes are pushing execution, risk management and processing capabilities to new levels. Manual operations no longer suffice.

Calypso. Next Generation Central Banking.

Calypso offers the most complete modern central banking solution available. Central banks, monetary authorities and government investment corporations can now attain a comprehensive solution to conduct market activities, manage reserves and investments, and control risks—all on a single automated platform. Solutions are configured to the specific charter of each institution, and include:

  • Collateral management
  • Risk management
  • Reserves management
  • Tri-party agency