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Navigating the regulatory maze.

The world leaders and regulators pledged to reduce systemic risks and complexity across derivatives markets in the wake of 2008 financial crisis.

As clearing participants seek to comply with the Dodd-Frank and EMIR regulations, they face significant challenges in creating robust derivatives clearing capabilities. Global CCP connectivity, complex segregation models, new margin methodologies and varying trade reporting requirements keep clearing participants up at night. Cross-margin offsets and capital relief allow clearing participants to enjoy the benefits of clearing.

Calypso. Clearly the market leader.

Calypso’s integrated OTC clearing solution provides Clearing Houses (CCPs), Clearing Members and End Users with modern, robust and reliable cross-asset clearing solutions.

Our customers benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience Calypso has gained in implementing OTC clearing around the globe.

The facts speak for themselves. 86% of global CCPs use Calypso for rates clearing today including CME, Eurex, SGX, TSE, HKEx and ASX.

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White Paper

The launch of our client clearing service is an essential step for JSCC in expanding its service line in OTC derivatives clearing. Calypso's state-of-art technology and flexible platform has significantly contributed to our smooth migration from the current dealer-to-dealer environment to accommodate the wider range of customer services

Takeshi Hirano,
Director, Strategic Planning Head

Integrated suite of cross-asset trading and risk management solutions

Calypso is the leading provider of innovative cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for complex financial markets. We provide clients with a single platform that enables system consolidation, business innovation and growth at the enterprise level across trading, risk management, processing and accounting.


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