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Fragmentation locks up collateral.

As banks seek to unlock the power of collateral and lower funding costs, they face a complex challenge in centralizing their inventory across the enterprise.

Improved ROI on centralized inventory comes from increased visibility into your collateral positions, exposure netting across multiple business lines, optimal allocation and minimal deployment of cash collateral.

Calypso. Unleashing contingent liquidity.

Calypso’s Collateral and Funding solution is used by both sell-side and investment management customers.

Complete automation of collateral management operations and algorithm-based allocation work together in our solution to find cheapest to deliver collateral, and reduce the number of collateral calls and disputes. Collateral trading desks take advantage of Calypso’s securities finance front-to-back office to access repo and sec lending markets in order to release contingent liquidity and reduce overall funding costs for the enterprise.

It’s no surprise that our collateral and funding solution has been continually voted best in class by the industry.


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Calypso has been certified by SWIFT for Triparty Collateral/ Repo and Collateral MT & MX messages.

Following our implementation of Calypso for collateral management, we were able to increase efficiency and scalability, reduce operational risk and eliminate the majority of manual interventions in processing margin calls.

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