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Complex challenges facing modern investors.

The investment management industry has changed. Low yields and increased volatility have driven portfolio managers to implement sophisticated strategies that are straining their existing infrastructure. Use of derivatives has increased substantially, but most firms have concerns about their ability to handle them.

In addition, global regulation has become much more pervasive on the buy side, creating operational and compliance challenges for investment managers. New rules about reporting, clearing, and margin requirements are pushing firms to revamp their processes and replace their legacy systems.

Comprehensive portfolio technology.

The Calypso portfolio management solution is designed to address the evolving needs of the market. Our Portfolio Workstation is a feature-rich command center that provides users with real-time portfolio insights as well as the ability to take action immediately. The workstation centralizes all position and risk data, ensuring investment managers are always working with accurate, up-to-date information.

Our investment management solution integrates seamlessly with our multi-asset trading and collateral management platform. Calypso is recognized as the industry leader in front-to-back trade processing technology for both derivatives and cash instruments. And our award-winning collateral optimization solution provides a single data repository for real-time views of all available and pledged securities, as well as all existing margin calls.


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Calypso stood out as the superior solution that enables us to quickly respond to new regulatory requirements and the resulting market structure changes for listed and OTC derivatives. In addition, this is a robust platform that we can leverage in the future for more functionality.

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