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Calypso. Market-led development.

Our rapid product development is driven by a large scale innovation program unmatched in the industry, with front-to-back solutions in Capital Markets, Investment Management, Clearing, Collateral and Treasury & Liquidity. Over 50% of all Calypso staff are engaged in research and development. It’s a powerful combination that 34,000+ users worldwide are taking advantage of. The success of our customer led development program is reflected in the continued growth of our customer base and the accolades awarded to us by the industry.

Calypso. Trusted technology for consolidation.

Calypso’s strength is founded on its design and architecture – Calypso was conceived, designed and built as a single cross-asset front-to-back platform.  It is an ideal platform for consolidation, simplification and growth. Our customers can reduce the total number of systems in use, simplify their architecture, streamline processes and improve efficiency, while lowering the total costs of ownership (TCO).

Calypso’s adaptable architecture allows our customers to bring new solutions to market faster than their competitors, comply with ever changing regulatory landscape and achieve technological scale with their growing businesses.

All the coverage you need.

  • Native cross-asset coverage of cleared and bilateral cash and derivative products include:
    • FX and Money Markets
    • Rates
    • Credit
    • Fixed Income
    • Equities
    • Commodities
    • Structured Products
    • Precious Metals

Cross-Asset front-to-back. Done.

Calypso has been delivering innovative solutions to the financial markets for 18 years. But our journey has just begun. Responding to the new era of consolidation, regulation and the continued demand for improved returns on investment, Calypso continues to innovate... We deliver solutions that are truly cross-asset front-to-back and technology that has been designed to meet the demands of the whole market.

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The financial crisis altered the way we conduct OTC transactions today and the landscape in which we compete. Calypso gives us the agility to meet all markets shifts in terms of conventions and regulations. Together with Calypso we were able to implement Dodd Frank and EMIR reporting for UniCredit as well as for clients delegating their reporting to UniCredit.

Lorenz Engel,

Integrated suite of cross-asset trading and risk management solutions

Calypso is the leading provider of innovative cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for complex financial markets. We provide clients with a single platform that enables system consolidation, business innovation and growth at the enterprise level across trading, risk management, processing and accounting.

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