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Calypso Learning Services

Maximize Your Return with Calypso

Calypso Learning Services provides professional development and training for its clients and implementation partners. Our training supports your organization’s pursuit of adopting Calypso by providing various learning avenues that ensures your team’s success.

We understand the importance of understanding Calypso’s processes and functions, and aim to empower users with a comfort level and knowledge they need to maximize the full value of your Calypso investment. Through a blended format of online, classroom and on-site offerings, Calypso Learning Services is committed to delivering world-class training through a focused learning platform.

Calypso Classroom Training

Participants will experience hands-on classroom training at one of our state-of-the-art Training Centers located in San Francisco, London, or Mumbai. The courses are led by Calypso Subject Matter Experts with Calypso Bank in a Box™ environments provided to each participant for demonstrations, configurations, and learning exercises.


Calypso Online Training

Calypso Online Training is available on a user-friendly eLearning platform providing online access to an extensive collection of short courses demonstrating Calypso’s features and functions.

Calypso’s self-directed online learning consists of the eLearning Library and the Calypso eBooks. The eLearning library contains over 70 short courses with learning examples that cover all aspects of Calypso functionality. Calypso’s eBooks cover specific subjects, such as Market Risk and Collateral Management, and include learning exercises and embedded videos by our instructors.


For detailed information on our online platform and upcoming training opportunities, visit Calypso Learning Services registration site.

For general enquiries, email

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Pioneering Innovative Technology to Reimagine Capital Markets

Calypso Technology, Inc. is a cloud-enabled provider of cross-asset front-to-back solutions and managed services for financial markets with over 35,000 users in 60+ countries. Its award-winning software improves reliability, adaptability, and scalability across several verticals, including capital markets, investment management, central banking, clearing, treasury, liquidity, and collateral.

Calypso is pioneering innovative technologies (native cloud technology, AI, Big data) that reimagine capital markets.


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