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Calypso Classroom Training

2019 Calypso Learning Services Classroom Training

Back Office | Collateral Management | Front Office | Risk and P&L

Calypso Classroom Training

Participants experience hands-on classroom training at one of our state-of-the-art Training Centers located in San Francisco, London, and Mumbai. Customized instructor training is also available at your company’s location designed to address your firm’s specific business requirements. The courses and on-site training are instructed by Calypso Subject Matter Experts. Calypso Bank in a Box™ environments are provided to each participant for demonstrations, configurations, and learning exercises. Each course also includes subject matter manuals and a six- month subscription to the Calypso Online eLearning library and course eBook.

Calypso Classroom Courses: March 18th -29th, 2019, San Francisco, CA
  • Introduction to Back Office and Collateral Management: March 18-22, 2019
    Participants will learn the main Back Office components, review their generation process, dependencies, and implications through the system as the components move through their lifecycle using Workflows. The course will address the Calypso monitoring and management tools (such as the Task Station, Audit Report, Authorization Report, Component Reports – Transfer / Message / Posting - as well as Inventory and Liquidation reports). The Collateral management sessions cover the configuration and functionality of Calypso’s Collateral Management module. Participants will gain hands-on experience in the setup of Collateral and Margin Call Agreements, Calypso Optimization module, configuration of the Collateral Manager and the Collateral Dashboard. In addition, import of information on external trades is discussed. USD 7500.00
  • Introduction to Front Office, Market Risk, and Official PL: March 25-29, 2019
    The Calypso Introduction to Front Office and Market Risk Course will provide in-depth instruction to Calypso’s Front Office platform, the tools available for day to day Front Office users, and the market Risk process from report configuration to the report output. Participants will be instructed in market data configuration, both derived and live, Pricing Environments, trade capture including Pricing Sheet, and lifecycle actions. Included in the Front Office course will be instruction in the Front Office tools clients incorporate such as Trade Blotter, Market Data Manager, User Defaults, and Scheduled Tasks. Participants will also gain hand-on experience to the processes necessary for users to integrate their position/portfolio, with the Calypso risk management platform. Market Risk will be instructed from the configuration of risk reports with the Analysis Designer, set-up of the Middle Tier, and viewing reports with the Calypso Workstation. On-demand analysis will also be instructed for the participant. USD 7500.00

*Fees does not include applicable taxes and T&E.

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