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Cloud Services

Increasing stability and reducing operational risk, overheads, and complexity

Despite cloud technology being approached with some reluctance initially by financial institutions, a number of factors are accelerating cloud adoption in the finance industry. The promise of modernizing legacy and siloed technologies to benefit from added speed, flexibility and scalability across an organization is a key driver. Cloud-based solutions have also proven they can meet the intense security demands of the industry, while also delivering reduced costs through operational efficiencies. The cloud also offers financial institutions the agility to adapt to changing customer demands and helps to simplify some of the challenges that come with digital transformation on a larger scale.

Why Calypso Cloud

Unique expertise

Calypso Cloud Services (CCS) has been providing fully-managed Calypso applications to over 100 clients for over a decade. Our team manages a large portfolio of Calypso applications and a worldwide user base; highly experienced engineers and application experts follow the sun and operate with a depth of knowledge and experience that helps clients get the best from their Calypso applications as well as help to run third-party interfaces.


Cybersecurity risks and regulatory requirements can interrupt business operations and damage organizational reputations. With each cloud implementation, Calypso ensures best practices with security considerations and controls in place. CCS is certified to the Information Security Management System Standard ISO 27001, the international standard widely regarded as best practice for information security. Regular independent audits (AICPA’s SOC 1 Type II and SSAE 18) and penetration tests ensure strong internal controls and security.

Greater flexibility and scalability

Deploying Calypso in the cloud takes the adaptability and scalability of our cross-asset, front-to-back platform even further. CCS allow institutions to adjust their costs and capacity to their exact needs at any time. We manage the Calypso applications, but you tell us when you want new versions deployed or new modules and interfaces added. You retain control while taking advantage of our Calypso experience and knowledge.

Optimal efficiency and performance

We ensure your Calypso applications run as you need them to and can help scale applications for a wide variety of business cases. CCS allows customers utilizing the Calypso platform to modernize and simplify their infrastructure and processes, resulting in more agility, lower operational risk, lower TCO and infrastructure cost as well as a faster time to market.

Regulatory compliance

Calypso Cloud Services allows users to deploy services outside their on-premise IT infrastructure, with minimal impact on their systems and operations. This allows customers to keep pace with frequent changes required by new regulations such as FRTB, UMR, etc.

Reduced cost

The Calypso approach to Cloud Services leverages the efficiency of the cloud combined with our experience acquired working across multiple clients, providing customers with a comprehensive service for less cost than if they independently manage Calypso with a third-party cloud service provider.


The Calypso Cloud Services team recognises the level of trust given to them and we see our service as an ongoing partnership. Not only is our Calypso expertise unrivalled, we offer the best levels of reliability, ease of use and flexibility for the long term.


Calypso Cloud

Our fully cloud managed Calypso solution provides all the services needed to enable you to focus on the business benefit. Our standard service includes hosting, security, disaster recovery, onboarding, penetration testing, performance tuning, application monitoring 24-hour support.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated cloud onboarding team, work with each new cloud client to establish a plan to implement their Calypso environments that meet their specific requirements for sizing, performance and third-party interfaces. Each client has a dedicated analyst to guide them through the process and ensure the correct infrastructure choices are made to meet business expectations

Cloud Support Service

24 x 7 Support: Our award-winning Calypso Cloud solution is backed up by a highly experienced support team who are available 24 hours a day to investigate any infrastructure-related issues and to action requests for changes to the current set up. We provide all clients with their own customer portal for entering requests and tracking their progress. The portal is also a growing source of knowledge and self-help articles.


DR is a core aspect of our standard Calypso Cloud service. All clients benefit from our high availability architecture that ensures a secondary site can take over from the primary sight at short notice with no loss of data. This ability is regularly tested with fire drills several times a year.

Cloud Rebase

Our dedicated cloud team of specialists are highly experienced in rebasing Calypso and client data seamlessly between monthly releases and new versions. This is a service already used by several customers and utilizes the Calypso Automated Testing Tool to ensure the quality of the rebase and your data, and enabling you to benefit from all the latest features as they are released.

Cloud Business Services

Our Cloud Business Services are only for Calypso Cloud clients and provide them with a range of additional options to leverage cloud to enhance business outcomes using Calypso. These options include live support with direct access to Calypso experts, re-active end of day monitoring to reduce business impact of critical batch job failures and market data services to ensure the quality of data and pricing.


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Pioneering Innovative Technology to Reimagine Capital Markets

Calypso Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-enabled, cross-asset, front-to-back solutions for financial markets, with over 40,000 users in 60+ countries. Its award-winning platform improves decision-making, risk management, controls and operational efficiency across financial market participants’ value chain. From the outset, the Calypso platform was designed to support customers on innovation, modernization and business growth, while enabling them to rapidly adapt to changing regulations.

Calypso is pioneering innovative technologies (native cloud technology, AI, Big data) that reimagine capital markets.


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